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Introducing Cajun News Guest Blogger

It is the goal of Cajun News to create and post some of the best content over the Internet. Our first mission is too find quality bloggers and experts who will post relevant material over our syndicated network. The overall framework is designed to bring together the power of high authority websites, social signal, and press releases under one roof for local and affiliate business owners. Please join us in welcoming our first Cajun News co-authorship partnership with someone who has knowledge in business, web-development, real estate, and Internet marketing. We look forward to introducing new members of the team, as we go forward into 2016.


Meet Donny Karcie, MBA


Hello, my name is Donny Karcie, I’m a local third generation Realtor. I was born and raised in a small town called Prescott, AZ with a population of around 39,000. I enjoy being in nature and camping in our community, which is surrounded by national forest in all directions.  Also, I have two children I spend most of my free time with. I started my real estate career 12 years ago while attending Yavapai College before moving on to ASU and University of Phoenix where I earned my MBA and a Masters in Psychology. I specialize in Internet Marketing, Negotiating, and Customer Service. I look forward to being a guest posting for Cajun News ‘real estate marketing and trends’ topics and seeing where this adventure takes us. Through my experience I hope to help others who work in the real estate industry or within other areas of Internet Marketing.  Here are some of the topics I plan to cover in the coming months.


2016 Internet Marketing Trends:

  1. Video Marketing: Video’s and how they trend will transform the way people do business and market themselves online. Not only is YouTube rated the second highest search engine, but many other up and coming businesses like Dailey Motion, Vimeo, SnapChat, Vine, and many others offer significant potential to online marketers in the near future.
  2. Going Mobile: Mobile had a huge year in 2015 and will continue to be an essential part of any serious Internet marketer. Google has already done many things indicating their push towards mobile and belief that desktop will eventually fade away. In 2016 Google has already done a few algo-beta-type tests illustrating potential changes to come in the near future. This will be an interesting topic to cover in relationship to real estate and Internet Marketing.
  3. Apps: Going with the mobile theme we will see Apps ranking in Google soon. This will make huge waves in the mobile scène opening the doors for more potential traffic and business relationships. In the end, apps can do everything a website can, but going ‘mobile’ makes them more convenient for regular users. For example, anyone with a smart phone has the Facebook App and doesn’t type it into his or her Internet browser on their mobile device.
  4. Virtual Reality: A number of companies and devices will shift toward this trend with the popularity of the Oculus device. This will be huge for the entertainment industry with gaming, movies, music videos, and many other similar niches. Today’s consumer wants to plug into everything from home, with shopping on Amazon to finding relationships on Social Media. How this affect will real estate home buyers who over 90 percent start their home search online? How soon until someone takes the leap into offering ‘virtual reality’ home tours from the comfort of your home. I’m sure the big players in the game (Zillow,, Trulia, etc.) are already looking into this technology.

This is just a few of the subjects I plan to highlight in my guest authorship role here for Cajun News and I look forward to finding other interesting topics to cover with you. Please respond in the comments below with other important elements affecting the real estate industry and Internet Marketing.

Thank you for reading.

Donny Karcie, MBA



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